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The Department of Administration and Management (Graduate School)

I. Aims of Educational

     The purpose of the department is to provide police organizations with the profession of police management. The Police Organization, from National Police Administration, Police Bureau, Sub-Police Station, to the Delegated Police Unit, is a very big organization.

     The goal of the department is based on “honesty”, which follows the doctrine of the school. It is also emphasized on four standards of students’ behavior which to make them to be the noble policemen. The four standards are as follows:

1. Ethic: It makes students to know and to follow the solidity on grouping and to 
    elevate personal moral in work.
2. Law: It trains students to behave and practice everything by law.
3. Science: It suffers students to use the knowledge of sciences and management 
4. Practical operation: It teaches students to gain experience of human relation and 
    to promote organizational efficiency.

II. Academic Activities and Works

1. Case-study of police administration and management sciences ex: strategy 
    of police administration, leadership, resource of manpower, budget system, 
    psychological information.
2. Conducting annual conferences and academic researches to promote and to 
    interact with individual study outcomes.
3. Strengthening the relationship with police institution for understanding the actual 
    difficulty in every police unit.
4. Interacting with related universities in order to communicate and learn advanced 
5. Increasing the quality of the department’s Quarterly.
6. Encouraging teachers and students to write papers in important academic publication.

III. Career and Advanced Study of Students after Graduation

     Students can continue their study the master degree, and to participate the entrance examination of every graduate schools in the field of public administration or management in every university around the island.

VI.  Future Prospects

     We have communicated with other universities, especially the departments of public administration and business administration, through academic activities.

1. The center of police management and policy. Will be found to meet the needs of 
    police strategy research. It can also enable policy force to do in-the-job training 
    process. Students can easily adapt themselves to their future career after 
2. In order to complete to police reform, numerous of case studies on police 
    administration and management will be conducted.
3. For promoting organizational development in police organization. Studies on 
    organizational development will also be carried out.
4. Studies on human resources management will be increased.
5. Studies in fiscal administration and budgeting will be emphasized.
6. In order to conduct human management skill on every staff members by police 
    officers, all related skills will be taught by the department. It can enable all 
    police officers having the ability to provide necessary consultation to their staff.